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Terminating and Jointing 

We cover all types of low, medium and high voltage cable terminations and jointing.




Control Panels 

At Cele Services we provide you with a wide range of bespoke panels to suit your needs. We will also design, approve, install and commission all our products to guarantee our clients the best possible product individual to them. 




​Lv Distribution Systems 

We design, build and commission a wide range of Lv systems, including new builds, refurbishment of old  builds, retro-fit new and improved Lv switchgear.





Fibre Optic

Installation of fibre cable, splicing and testing of fibre optic to cover all your needs. 






With commissioning the client is looking for a finished product that they can trust. With all builds we complete at Cele Services we put our product through its paces before we put our name to it. Our test procedures involve various testing i.e.

Switch gear 

  • Primary Injection

  • Secondary injection

  • Contact Resistance

  • Pressure Testing

  • Insulation Resistance

Control Panels

  • Point to point testing

  • Insulation resistance

  • Functional Tests to suit your build that is passed by design engineers both form Cele Services and the client.

Fibre Optic 

  • OTDR testing

Cable Testing

  • Insulation Resistance

  • VLF testing

  • Soon will be able to offer Partial Discharge testing. 





We offer our clients various procedures and preventative maintenance schemes that will prolong and avoid nuisance break downs on their power systems. At Cele Services we would recommend that all equipment, low and high voltage to hold a maintenance program that is practical and beneficial to all power systems. 




Cable Testing 

We offer various cable test services which include Insulation Resistance, VLF testing, Polarity testing and Fault finding. 





Delivery, installation and removal of all varies of switchgear in a safe and efficient manner. From 63 to 4000 amp Lv Distribution Boards to 10 to 33 kv Switchgear and alike.




Call Out Service 

We answer the phone at any time so that our clients can rest assured that they have our utmost support. For new and existing customers alike we are always hear to offer advice and lend a hand so feel free to contact us or our partner at any time and we will try our very best to assist in your case. 



​Any Time Call Out Services Phone : +353 86 300 3436

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